Travel and Jetta updates

Just a quick note – I’ve updated my travel plans page.  I’m hoping to hit 3 of the 5.  Wolfsgart and Eurobuilt are near certainties barring some sort of life crisis.  H2Oi is a bit of a moonshot.

In other news, I’ve had to divert funds towards replacing my wife’s transportation.  That and a couple other unexpected expenses make it pretty unlikely that the Jetta gets back on the road this year.  Am hoping to at least get the floor patched up before the snow returns.

This is not, no…

This is just a tribute.

Whoever was camping out on let it lapse, so I’ve snagged it and pointed it at The Johnson Show 2008 gallery, restoring continuity to links for anyone looking to relive that day.  I may flesh out something a bit more substantial, scraping together various forum accounts of the day and whatever the Wayback Machine has picked up into a coherent historical record.

New Look

I’ve changed the layout again. The site has forged its own identity apart from the ring. After thinking about it for a while, I decided to change the layout so all the resources are equally accessible. Of course, a name change was required. Since I already have the domain WCVW, I figured “Water-Cooled Volkswagen World” fit perfectly. Hopefully, no one out there has a site by the same name – if you know of one, let me know.