Floor Work Continues

Passenger rear pan looked concerning but other than a touch of surface rust it’s super clean so far.  Most of the ugly appears to have been rusty water residue (due to the seat rail) that coated the surface as pooled water evaporated.  It all feels solid when probed but I’ll get all the tar off of the front and back and get a better look just in case.



The same can’t be said for the driver’s side. Continue reading

Damaged wheel

One of the 4 Kassel wheels I’m going to be rolling has a damaged flange.  Before pursuing repair I figured it’d be wise to throw it on an axle and spin it while recording via stationary camera to see if it was still relatively straight.  The axle moved upwards slightly on the upswing (you can see it move) but to my eye it looks like its still true.

Also the site has a YouTube channel now so that’s thing I guess.

Full Blackbird album here.

New VW!

I just bought a ’88 Jetta GLi in great shape for $600… Well, almost in great shape. A kid rolled it, but it seems to have survived alright asside from a crushed control arm and a lost driveshaft and tie rod. Pictures to be posted ASAP once I get the car to my folks’ place…