Floor Work Continues

Passenger rear pan looked concerning but other than a touch of surface rust it’s super clean so far.  Most of the ugly appears to have been rusty water residue (due to the seat rail) that coated the surface as pooled water evaporated.  It all feels solid when probed but I’ll get all the tar off of the front and back and get a better look just in case.



The same can’t be said for the driver’s side.  I had toyed with the idea of patching, but it’s starting to look like a full length pan replacement is the way to go.




I don’t even understand how this happened…  O_o



Daylight on the top left and bottom right edge in there.  Normal gap in the frame?  Concerning…



Then noticed this as I was picking up.  Fuel distributor wasn’t seated on the box properly. *sigh*


Full Blackbird album here.

Late update: It started pouring so I went out to the car to investigate and found water coming in from the top of the windshield in multiple locations.