Welcome to the new home of The Water-Cooled Volkswagen Ring!

If you arrived here by any address other than https://www.wcvw.org please be sure to update your bookmarks, as I don’t know how long the redirect pages will last. This new address means that if we ever need to change hosts, there will be no need to change site ring codes or bookmarks.

Our new home isn’t the only thing that’s changed! The ring is leaving WebRing.org due to major changes being implemented by Yahoo (Yahoo acquired WebRing.org when it bought Geocities 2 years ago.) If you want more details, click here.

We are now using an open source CGI program called Ringlink. Ringlink is everything WebRing.org used to be, and better. It can’t be bought out and commercialized because it’s open source. More importantly, it runs on my server, so we have full control over any changes that will be made.

Ring Members: If you have not yet done so, click on Add a Site and re-submit your pages to the new software. Be sure to cut and paste the new ring code in place of the old. Also, review the guidelines in case they’ve changed since you’ve last read them.

Ring Visitors: Thanks for bearing with us as we make this unforseen transition.